Traveling to the Nationals Park

Nationals Park Crowds

Taking Metro to Nationals Park can be easy if you take note of these helpful tips:

  • 海军Yard-Ballpark Station 有两个入口. Half Street is slightly closer to the ballpark and often gets very crowded. 与此同时, the New Jersey Avenue entrance is a short three-block walk from the ballpark and is usually significantly less crowded. Both entrances are equipped with elevators, in addition to escalators.
  • 赛后, customers connecting to Yellow 行 火车s toward 亨廷顿 should consider making the transfer at 档案 Station, rather than 殷范提广场
  • To avoid potentially long vending machine lines after the game, Nationals fans are reminded to load enough value on their SmarTrip for their entire roundtrip. SmarTrip cards can be purchased at any Metrorail station or in advance at local CVS and Giant Food stores, regional transit stores,或浏览
  • Metro operates a combination of six-car and eight-car 火车s. Often, the last two cars of eight-car 火车s are the least crowded. Take note of the number of cars on the passenger information displays, and spread out along the platform to take advantage of the additional space of eight-car 火车s whenever possible.
  • Nationals games have the potential to add thousands of additional riders onto the system during already 公共汽车y travel periods. 只要有可能, fans are encouraged to plan a route to the ballpark that avoids downtown transfer stations during rush hours. 例如, riders traveling to/from stations the eastern side of the Red 行 should consider connecting to Green 行 service at 托坦堡, rather than Gallery Place.  To avoid transferring at 殷范提广场, Blue and Orange line customers should consider using 南方大厦 Station, rather than 海军Yard-Ballpark Station. 南方大厦 Station is located 0.8 miles from the ballpark via New Jersey Ave SE.


Metro runs additional 火车s on the Green 行 to provide extra capacity for Nationals fans before and after each game. These extra 火车s operate between Mt. Vernon Square and 阿纳卡斯蒂亚 stations only, making stops Gallery Place, 档案, 殷范提广场, 海滨 and 海军Yard-Ballpark.  These 火车s are in passenger service in the peak direction only -- i.e. southbound before the game and northbound after the game.

Riders traveling on the Green or Yellow lines immediately before or after a game may encounter delays caused by large crowds at Navy Yard and 殷范提广场 stations. Please allow additional travel time, or consider planning your trip earlier or later to avoid crowds.

公共汽车es that serve Nationals Park are: 74, P6, V1, V4, A9、W9及 DC Circulator (联合车站-Navy Yard route).

To plan your trip, use our w66.


  • 报名参加 MetroAlerts to be notified of Metrorail and Metro公共汽车 service disruptions.
  • After boarding the 火车, move into the center of the car-away from the doors-to create space for customers behind you.
  • Have your SmarTrip in your hand as you approach the fare gates.
  • If a 火车 is too crowded, do not attempt to board it. Allow the doors to close and wait for the next 火车.